Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein is a U.S. patent attorney particularly skilled at enhancing patent portfolios for American and foreign companies. Brian has spent his career practicing in some of the most sophisticated and respected IP practice groups. Brian has prosecuted hundreds of domestic and international patents, conducted hundreds of interviews, and responded to over one thousand Office Actions.

Brian practices in both the electrical and mechanical arts and has obtained patents in fields and technologies such as information technology, communications, circuit design, semiconductor fabrication, imaging, medical devices, and photocopiers.

Brian’s practice involves all aspects of patent preparation and prosecution. He brings experience and precision to the task of creating, streamlining and growing your patent portfolio. He has prosecuted numerous standards cases, participated in group-prosecution initiatives, and performed targeting analyses.

Prior to his career in law, Brian worked for Texas Instruments and Motorola, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Florida (BSEE, MSEE, MSM) and The George Washington University (JD).

Brian is licensed to practice law in Virginia, and his practice is limited to matters before federal agencies and courts.

Yoshio Miyagawa

Yoshio Miyagawa is one of the founders of the member firms of the United GIPs. He frequently travels between our Washington, D.C. office and the other GIP offices in the world. He holds a B.S. in inorganic chemistry from Doshisha University, and has also engaged in graduate studies in organic chemistry. Mr. Miyagawa began his intellectual property career in 1981, and was admitted to practice as a Japanese patent attorney in 1986. In addition, Mr. Miyagawa is also a registered U.S. patent agent. His professional associations include the Japanese Patent Attorneys' Association and American Intellectual Property Law Association.

Justine Wilbur

Justine Wilbur is a patent attorney who assists with patent prosecution in the chemical arts for both American and international clients. For almost ten years, she has focused on drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the areas of organic compounds, resins, ceramics, polymers, thin films, alloys, light-emitting materials, nanomaterials, textiles, coatings, compositions, semiconductor devices, image forming devices, inks, toners, adhesives, metal working, catalysts, glass manufacturing, batteries, plastic/nonmetallic article shaping, solid surface cleaning compositions, bio-affecting compounds, pharmaceuticals, plant protection and regulation, and food/edible materials. Justine has written patentability, freedom to operate, invalidity, and non-infringement opinions, as well as pre-appeal requests and appeal briefs. She has also conducted oral hearings before administrative patent judges.

To date, Justine has prosecuted over 250 domestic and international patent applications to grant/issuance, responded to over 1000 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office actions, and conducted over 100 personal and telephonic interviews with Patent Examiners.

Prior to practicing law, Justine was a scientist, managing a drug discovery resynthesis team and collaborating with well-known pharmaceutical companies. Her team’s focus was on cancer therapeutic drugs. Justine’s experience also includes both combinatorial and non-combinatorial chemical assays, as well as Mapping Array and Directed Array programs, including the AMAP Chemistry Operating System.

While in law school, Justine spent a summer in the Sweden Program at Lund University before obtaining her J.D. in the Intellectual Property Law concentration from Suffolk University Law School.

Justine is licensed to practice law in Virginia, and her practice is limited to matters before federal agencies and courts.

Gary Koo

Gary Koo is a U.S. patent attorney who practices in both the electrical, computer, and mechanical arts. He is very experienced in guiding foreign applicants after having practiced in Japan, where he directly interacted with Japanese corporations, inventors, and patent attorneys for three years. He began his career in software interface development, and spent four years as a Patent Examiner in the database workgroup at the USPTO. There, he became particularly familiar with the issues surrounding prosecution of applications related to software. Generally, Gary has prosecuted patents in fields and technologies such as information technology (IT), business methods, imaging, semiconductor fabrication, medical devices, automotive control systems, and bicycle components.

He is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology (BS, Computer Science) and the DePaul University College of Law (JD).

Gary is licensed to practice law in Virginia, and his practice is limited to matters before federal agencies and courts.

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